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What is a Mag-Tray

A Mag-Tray is a small set of pre-finished, scenic wargame miniature bases embedded in a matching magnetized scenic tray.

Just snap the bases out of the tray and glue your models on for an instant display base and transport solution!

For skirmish scale games, one tray may fulfill all your transportation needs, and for larger armies our trays are compatible with Tablewar's line of magnetic rack cases available at



Step 1: Remove bases from tray – Please note, some bases will come out easily, others may require two thumbs to remove from tray.

Step 2: Clean the edges - Carefully run a hobby knife or file around the edge to remove remnants of the bridges between the base and the tray

Step 3: Glue models to bases - superglue your models to the bases. We also recommend supergluing the tray itself to the tray base after removing the bases